Are you pretty, but when you dress yourself, your beauty is camouflaged? Well then, it’s just your fashion sense that needs to be updated.

Know your Body Type:

Before you walk into a store, analyze your body type. Are you an apple shaped or a pear shaped candidate? Which part of your body holds the maximum fat content? Choose your wardrobe accordingly.

There are other parameters like the complexion of your skin, your style of walking,  your comfort zone.  All of the above concerns will be addressed in the article below.

Short women:

If you are small and petite, you want to create an illusion of height, so you must wear longitudinal stripes if you are sporting a shirt or a t-shirt. As for pants, try the longer palazzo pants as they give in an illusion of length. Wearing heels is only a superficial way of increasing height. Also, short skirts and short tops can be sported if you are on the slimmer side.

Tall women:

Fashion according to your body type and skin colour

Avoid wearing palazzo as they will accentuate your height. Wearing a long skirt if you are too skinny will also give an odd look. Kurti and Leggings is a great option, even if you are on the bulkier side. They balance the look and camouflage the imperfections. The choice of a long kurti can be made, because it accentuates the curves. A contrast legging is something that would be desirable.

One can choose from a wide variety of Kurtis, from printed tiny floral to solid pastel and bright colors. In fact, a short kurti can be paired with skinny jeans and the look is complete with a pair of Jhumkas.

Dark women:

If your complexion is on the darker side, you can try the shades which will highlight your wheatish skin, and will flaunt your shade. Wear blue, orange, purple and burgundy, and your characteristic look is complete. Nude, peach, coral, sea green, and golden are some other colors that compliment your look. Cobalt blue will be an excellent choice.

Fair women:

Fashion according to your body type and skin colour

Try olive greens, reds, blacks, pinks, and silver. These colors look best on a fairer canvas. Experiment with a variety of these and your look of perfection is done. You can also play with browns and purples and still look stunning.

The perfect accessories:

When it comes to accessories, remember to pair it well with your dress. A V-necked dress requires no neck piece, just hefty earrings would suffice. Similarly, a round necked dress with a wide opening can sport a tiny pendant. If you are wearing a plain dress with no bead or sequin work, team it up with a braided necklace and ear piece.

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